DEBAMED® P650 light?

Is there a “diet” version of P650? Sadly not!

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For everyone who has to pack and ship in compliance with ADR!

There has never been an incident in your laboratory?
Congratulations! And good if it stays that way...

With our Whitepaper “DEBAMED® P650 light? Is there a “diet” version of P650? Sadly not!" we would like to make a contribution to the prevention of incidents. Our experts take a detailed look at one of the most important packaging instructions of the ADR (Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road), the P650.And: You will also read why this is not available in a slimmed-down, i.e. light version. Even if one could wish for that sometimes.

Would you like to take an interesting excursion into the conformity of the packaging world of medical and biological samples? Then make sure you get one of the most interesting information packages for more safety in your everyday work.

About the authors

Christoph Jansem is Sales & Marketing Director at
L.E.S.S. France, the market leader for laboratory-
packaging in France.

Stefan Wiese is Area Sales Manager at DEBATIN,
the parent company of L.E.S.S. and there, among other things, for
DEBAMED segment of the company.

Both are proven experts, and sought-after
speakers at trade events in the industry.

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